I'm Shania Huffman

I make things sound better.

From music and film to video games and audiobooks...

I've been working with audio in some capacity for eight years. Engineering recording sessions, mixing and mastering songs, dialogue editing for video games, editing audiobooks, and completing all sectors of audio post production for film (dialogue editing, SFX editing, foley, re-record mixing, etc.).

My background and education

I majored in Music Production at Ohio University and graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Communication. I was recording, mixing, and producing music for years prior to my education because I began attending university at the age of 24. During my time at university, I interned at Clear Lake Recording Studio and Fever Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA and shadowed Grammy-nominated Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY.

With me, it's all about you.

I understand the importance of finding an audio professional who will refrain from offering artistic opinions. I don't do that because, at the end of the day, your opinion is the one that matters.

Did you know?

Only 6% of mixing engineers are women. Even less are queer.

Women are highly underrepresented in the audio industry. By working with me, you are actively participating in changing that.